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Height profile for temperature, humidity and wind: Height indication in millibar = hectopascal [hPa], where 900 hPa corresponds to ca. 1000 m asl, 700 hPa to ca. 3000 m asl and 500 hPa to ca. 5500 m asl.
1000-500hPa thickness: Measure for the mean heat content of the lower 5km of the atmosphere (air column), indication in decameter (dam), where thicker means warmer.
Total-Totals / Lifted Index: Stability measures for the air column: above centerline = unstable stratification of the atmosphere, i.e. tendency to thunderstorms (if other weather parameters permit).
Air pressure at sea level: Air pressure reduced to sea level height, indicated in millibar = hectopascal [hPa]
Wind: Instantaneous wind speed at height of 10m above ground, in m/s = 3.6 km/h = 1.94 kn.
Temperature: Temperature 2m above ground, in degrees Celsius, with indications of sensed cold and heat.
Rel. humidity: Relative humidity 2m above ground, in percent.
Precipitation: 3 hour sums of precipitation, separated in precipitation types (rain, snow, frozen rain, sleet/hail, convective precipitation).
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