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Satellite estimated precipitation and food security. NL 1/16
"Langzeitmessungen am Claridenfirn". NL 1/15 (in German)
Agromet Advisories. NL 1/14
The importance of ground information. NL 1/13
More Crop per Drop. NL 2/12
Wind forecasts. NL 1/12 (in German)
Meteodat's Integrated Water Budgeting. NL 1/11
Meteodat and GCOS. NL 1/10 (in German)
PACC: Cooperation project in Peru. NL 1/09 (in German)
Winter storms. NL 1/08 (in German)
Winters with little snow. NL 2/07 (in German)
Kyoto Protocol and Meteodat. NL 1/07 (in German)
Weather Derivatives: Products of Meteodat NL 2/06 (in German)
The extraordinary winter 2005/2006. NL 1/06 (in German)
Meteorological causes of the floods in August 2005. NL 1/05 (in German)
Meteodat and Energy: Products in the energy sector. NL 1/04
Cat-Bonds. NL 1/02
Risk-Solution - New products in risk management. NL 1/01
Lothar - the European winter storm 26. Dez 1999. NL 1/00 (in German)
The MAP project - following the scent of the foehn. NL 4/99 (in German)
Floods in the Swiss midlands. NL 3/99 (in German)
The extreme snowfalls in February 1999. NL 2/99 (in German)
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